Who is Responsible For PAT Testing

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 it details who is responsible for PAT Testing and electrical safety. It requires, every employer to ensure that work equipment is suitable for the purpose for which it is provided. Work equipment should only be used in the place and under the provisions for which it is provided.

PUWER also requires every employer to ensure work equipment be efficiently maintained and kept fit and suitable for its intended purpose.

Work equipment must not be allowed to deteriorate in function or performance to such a level that it puts people at risk.

This means that regular, routine and planned maintenance regimes must be considered if hazardous problems could arise.These regimes should incorporate a regular programme of electrical safety testing and portable appliance testing (PAT Testing)

Regulation 3 of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 acknowledges the responsibility that both employers and employees have for electrical systems.

“It shall be the duty of every employer and self employed person to comply with the provisions of the Regulations as far as they relate to matters which are within their direct control.

It shall be the duty of every employee while at work:

(a) to co-operate with his employer so far as is necessary to enable and duty placed on that employer by the provision of the Regulations to be complied with: and

b) to comply with the provision of these regulations in so far as they relate to matters which are within his control.”

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