PAT Testing Services

The purpose of PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is to ensure the safe use of appliances. We carry out PAT Testing Services in various establishments which include restaurants, schools, hotels, shops, and offices.

The PAT Test Process

The process of PAT Testing starts with a visual check of the item’s lead and then the appliance itself.

First we check that the plug meets current standards and is undamaged. If it is not we provide a replacement. If the plug is not moulded the cover is removed, fuse checked for correct rating and replaced if necessary.

The wiring is then examined and checked that it is secure. Finally, before replacing the plug cover we check that the wiring sheath is securely held at the base of the plug. The lead to the appliance is then checked for obvious kinks and breaks.

The appliance is thoroughly looked over for cracks or exposed metal parts due to missing covers and that the lead is held securely to it.

Once the visual check is complete the appliance is electrically tested by the latest, calibrated equipment to pre-set current industry standards.

If successful a durable label is attached to the item showing its assigned asset number and a re-test date.

If an item fails either on the electrical PAT Test or earlier on the visual check the item is labelled with the assigned asset number. The item is quarantined to prevent further use; onsite staff are informed, and the item is made inoperable as instructed.

PAT Test Reporting

All PAT Testing test results are documented in a comprehensive report detailing asset number, asset description, status pass/fail and repairs required, microwave emissions levels, and a specific item failure sheet.

PAT Test reports and test certificates are provided free of charge in electronic format.

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